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Take Space: Your Guide to Personal Health and Well-Being

Mental health and personal well-being are important—together, they hold the keys to a joyful existence.

But for communities of colour, and especially Black communities, things like quality health care and mental health resources can be difficult to find and even harder to access. Discrimination still exists within the very systems that are meant to provide safety and support to us all. Racial bias can directly affect diagnoses, treatment, and pain management, leading to a distrust in the health care system.

For these reasons and more, the health and wellness industries can be unwelcome spaces for communities of colour. But more and more champions of the cause are emerging. From community clinics to mutual aid societies, these champions provide spaces for Black people to counter the health disparities and discrimination so commonly found at mainstream institutions.

It’s time to take space. Use this curated wellness directory to find welcoming Black practitioners, inclusive organizations, and supportive communities near you.

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