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Finding Clients for Your Video Production Business

Video content offers a highly visual medium to get your message across. Whether companies use it for marketing clips or block content, video serves as a valuable tool for businesses who wish to take advantage of current trends. In a study designed to forecast visual networking trends through 2021, Cisco found that IP video comprised 73% of internet traffic in 2017 and predicted this number should rise to 82% by 2021. As a video production professional, you can capitalize on the growing interest to build your business, and with the right marketing strategy, you can reel in both individual and commercial clients.

Identify Ideal Video Production Clients

Though you can market your video production services to a general audience, it helps to have ideal clients in mind. Look at your expertise and experience, make a list of your skills, and use that list to suss out your specialties. For instance, if you have 10 years of engineering experience, you might choose to create technical training videos. Likewise, if you served a stint as lead guitarist for a band, you might choose to make promo videos for aspiring musicians. Those with lots of corporate experience might specialize in marketing, job recruiting, or how-to videos.

Create Video Production Samples

As a video production professional, your qualifications take second place to your portfolio. If you can show an exceptional collection of clips, potential clients are unlikely to care about your degree or past employers. To find clients, start by gathering and creating videos that appeal to your target audience.If you’re an established production artist, just choose your best work. If you’re just starting out, break out your camera and editing software and create three to five short clips that demonstrate your best skills.

Build a Video Production Portfolio

Once you choose your best video clips, create accounts on YouTube and Vimeo and use your business name as the usernames. You can start with free accounts and upgrade later so you can embed your videos into your business website. Consider upgrading to Vimeo’s Pro or Business accounts, as these options let you create a customizable video production portfolio site that increases your exposure.

Next, upload all your selected clips, and be sure to add titles that make your videos easier for clients to find. Try to avoid generic titles such as “” Instead, use keyword-targeted titles such as “sample customer testimonial video” or “architecture agency marketing video.” Focused titles improve the likelihood of your clips showing up in searches. Likewise, select relevant tags and topics to boost the visibility of each clip.

Use Direct Email Marketing Locally

Video production work often requires you to be onsite, so local projects can minimize your travel time. To narrow your prospects, look for local businesses that fit your ideal client portfolio for direct marketing opportunities. If a company’s website and social media pages have little to no video content, the business might be in the market for your services. For each potential client, search out the email address of the marketing director or social media manager. If you target small businesses without dedicated marketing staff, use the general company or owner’s email address instead.

Next, write a brief email that breaks the ice, stresses the importance of video content, and introduces your video production business. It works best when you emphasize that you’re based locally to create familiarity. Finally, embed one of your clips followed by a personalized call to action such as, “Contact me to discuss how video can improve your social media click-through rate.” This short message can spark a sense of need that entices the business to check out your wares.

Focus on Networking

Branching out into video production works best when you can have face-to-face conversations with clients. With that in mind, it pays to publicize your business in person by attending local networking events. You might start with events hosted by chambers of commerce, small business associations, young professionals groups, and industry organizations. Each time you meet a new person, deliver a quick, no-pressure pitch along the lines of, “I produce short how-to videos to help businesses increase web traffic.” Allow follow-up questions, hand out business cards, and connect later on social media to get the best results from networking. Though this strategy doesn’t provide instant results, it does plant a seed that points to your video production business when new contacts need similar services. 

With a great portfolio and a targeted marketing strategy, you can increase visibility for your video production business and bring in new clients. As you build your business, use apps to stay abreast of your company’s financial health. QuickBooks Self-Employed app helps freelancers, contractors, and sole proprietors track and manage their business on the go. Download the app to see how it benefits your burgeoning video production business.

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