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Good Small Business Ideas: Bike Repair Business

If you love cycling and have an entrepreneurial spirit, consider turning your passion into a small business. Though bikes are built better than ever these days, they’re far from immune to breaking down. Many cycling enthusiasts lack the time and know-how to repair their own bikes. When the need arises, they want a professional to do the job. There’s no reason that can’t be you. The proper steps for establishing a bike repair business include conducting market research, amassing the necessary tools and knowledge, setting your prices, and getting your name out to potential customers.

Market Research

Market research is important for determining whether a bike repair business will thrive in your area and what products and services are in greatest demand. If your local area has a lack of cycling enthusiasts or an abundance of bike repair shops, it doesn’t mean you can’t succeed, but it lets you know about some of the challenges you’ll face. While researching, you might also come up with unique ways to position your services that your competitors aren’t doing. For example, even if your town has 12 bike repair shops already, you might realize that none of them offer mobile service or that they don’t set up near local trails to repair people’s bikes mid-ride.

Amassing Tools and Knowledge

Starting a bike repair shop doesn’t require a big budget. It requires basic tools and some know-how of how bicycles work. The necessary tools are inexpensive: some wrenches, chain whips, tire levers, and a good air compressor. You can expand your arsenal with more high-tech equipment as your business grows. Equally important to having the right tools is knowing how to use them. Maybe you’re already a gearhead and can fix bicycles in your sleep. Even if you aren’t, the learning curve for bike repair isn’t too daunting. Try to get your hands on a few different types of bicycles, such as mountain bikes and road bikes, and practise taking them apart and reassembling them.

Set Your Prices

One of the biggest determining factors for success is having the right prices. Charge too much, and you’ll scare away customers. Charge too little, and you’ll face difficulty meeting overhead. If you start small, working out of your car or garage, you can enjoy a pricing advantage over more established competitors, because your overhead is lower. Call around and find out what others in your area charge for the most common repair services. Develop a budget that lets you beat your competitors on price without squeezing your margins too thin.

Acquire Customers

Once you officially open your doors, you want customers coming through them as quickly as possible. Paid marketing methods, such as Google AdWords and Facebook ads, can get your name in front of local customers. You can also spread the word without spending money. Consider joining cycling groups in your town and reaching out to local cyclists on social media. If your community has biking trails, set up shop at the entrance on a sunny Saturday. Make sure you have promotional materials to hand out so people remember your name. You can supplement your bike repair business income by offering workshops on fixing simple bicycle malfunctions. A bike repair business is one of the best small business ideas for entrepreneurs who have a love for cycling. It’s inexpensive to start, and there are plenty of creative ways you can outsmart your local competition.

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