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Tiny Home Business Ideas

Tiny home living is a growing trend thanks to a book by Sarah Susanka called “The Not So Big House” that came out in 1998. The trend isn’t going anywhere. People choose tiny homes, generally considered to be no more than 400 square feet, to save money, have the freedom to move easily, and to live a simpler life. Tiny home business ideas let you turn the trend into an income stream.

Building Workshop

People who want to live in a tiny home often want to do the work, but they may lack the skills. A tiny home building workshop lets you share your building expertise while helping your students learn those skills. A workshop might cover the basics of the lifestyle, construction methods, codes and zoning, financing, insurance, electrical and plumbing systems for off-grid living, towing, and material options. In-person workshops allow a personalized approach with the opportunity for hands-on components. Online workshops, YouTube videos, or online courses let you share your knowledge with a broader audience without geographical limitations.

Tiny Home Plans and Information

A slightly different approach is selling tiny home plans or other forms of information related to building tiny homes. Selling plans is a great option without a lot of long-term involvement. Once you design a plan, you can sell it repeatedly and continue making money on it, and you can add new designs to grow your business. Another passive income option is to write a book about tiny home living. Write a broad overview of everything, or focus on certain aspects, such as the building component or downsizing and preparing for the tiny house lifestyle. Other people offer free information via blogs, which they monetize with advertising or affiliate marketing.

Tiny Home Building

If you’re handy with a hammer or have already built a tiny home, turn those skills into a business. While some people want to build their own tiny homes, others want someone else to do the work. Start a custom tiny home building business using your building skills. Another option is to build the shell of the tiny home, which your client then finishes. This is a popular option for people who want to build their own tiny homes but aren’t sure how to handle the construction of the structure. They still get to do the internal work, and you can produce the shells much faster than building tiny homes from start to finish.

Tiny Home Organization and Design

Are you a natural organizer, or do you love design? The tiny home lifestyle requires a different approach to storing and organizing belongings. Create a business helping people pare down their belongings when they move from a traditional home to a tiny home, and help your clients organize the belongings they do keep once inside their much smaller homes. For this tiny home business, you need the ability to identify creative organizational solutions in a small space. If you’re more the designing type, help tiny home owners decorate their spaces or design layouts to capitalize on their space. Decor pieces in tiny homes often need to serve a functional purpose while making the space feel larger and homey. If you already own a decorating or design business, the tiny home trend gives you a way to specialize your services to fit that niche market.

Business Base

What if you’re not an expert on building tiny homes? You can still capitalize on the trend by starting your own business from a tiny home. The structure provides a self-contained business base. Use it as a quiet office for your online business, or invite clients to your tiny office for consultations. A tiny home structure is significantly cheaper than building or leasing traditional commercial space. That lower operating cost helps you earn greater profits with the flexibility to place your business almost anywhere. Don’t let the tiny home trend slip past you. Whether you’re an expert at building tiny homes or organizing, or simply use one as your business location, going small gives you the potential to earn big.

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