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How to Start and Run a Mobile Business

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Lately, many entrepreneurs are starting businesses that they can run from any location. Learn about some key fundamentals that you’ll need to know if you want to operate a mobile business.

The Barrier to Entry is Zero

There has never been an easier time in history to start a mobile-based business. Given the level of technology, almost anyone can start a new business that can be run entirely online. As self-made billionaire and serial entrepreneur Mark Cuban notes, you only need four things to start an online business: a phone, a laptop computer, an internet connection, and a cloud connection. Anyone can do this very inexpensively and have all four of these things within a few hours.

Find a Problem and Solve It

A successful business is based on a problem or a need in a marketplace that you can solve. You should write down a crystal-clear summary of exactly what products or services your business will offer, what issues they will solve, and a profile of the ideal customer that will purchase your solution. It is unlikely that you’ll create a successful business unless you are clear on precisely what you’re creating it for.

Create a Website

Next, you’ll need a website. There are three steps involved in getting a website up and running:

  1. Register the domain name. Simply search for a domain registrar and purchase the name you like.
  2. Purchase hosting services. The web host is where your website will live online. Monthly hosting fees are very inexpensive.
  3. Design and create your website. There are numerous free resources online that can help you build a functional website that clearly communicates your business’s offerings, or you can hire a web designer.

Copywriting and Sales

Mobile businesses survive because of websites, sales pages, and online communications. It’s critical that you learn as much as possible about copy writing and sales techniques. Many people love the idea of starting a business, but they get demotivated once they learn that they have to learn the crafts of writing sales copy and closing deals. Don’t ignore this step. Online businesses don’t survive without sales.

Types of Products a Mobile Business Can Offer

Mobile businesses can offer extremely scalable products. Products such as downloadable courses, webinars, e-books, and other educational materials are entirely scalable – once they are created, they can be distributed and downloaded an infinite amount of times at little cost to you. You could offer one-on-one screencast-based consulting that can be executed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Any physical products offered by a mobile business can be manufactured and shipped on demand, eliminating the need for physical inventory or warehousing. Mobile businesses offer all the benefits of a physical business without having any major physical needs.


For your online business to survive and thrive, you will need enormous amounts of disciplined work ethic. Spend every free hour on the business. Every day, you need to take actions to develop new products and make sales.

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