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What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

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The Internet of Things is the idea that in the future, many products will be able to connect to the internet. IoT has spurred conversations worldwide because the interconnection of billions of devices has the potential to impact people’s daily lives significantly. As you rely on the internet to streamline and simply your business activities, you can understand how IoT will impact how you conduct business. Cloud computing provides a glimpse into what IoT might look like. For example, even though you may be in Toronto, your cloud-connected computer makes it possible to collaborate on projects with a remote worker in Brazil and get real-time feedback from a client in Australia. IoT takes this type of connectivity several steps further and sees devices such as appliances, wearable devices, and even machine parts and light bulbs connecting to the internet. So, for example, your internet-connected refrigerator could send a message to you when your children open it to get snacks after school, which lets you know they’re at home. At work, IoT could make it possible for a printer to trigger an order from your toner supplier when its cartridge runs low. Wearable devices could produce reports detailing the time of day when your workers are most productive, and a driverless car could alert a client if you’ll be late for a meeting.

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