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3 Tricks for Staying Motivated When You Manage Your Own Time

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Whether you work for yourself or simply have a job that requires you to manage your own time, you typically look for ways to keep your motivation high and improve your time management. Working in an office setting with other employees going about their busy days commonly provides most people with sufficient motivation to complete work in a timely matter. But when you set your own schedule, you might feel the temptation to procrastinate or allocate time to other activities. Fortunately, you can avoid these temptations with organizational and time management strategies.

Take a Break to Help Manage Your Own Time

Regardless of the type of work you do, you probably have certain job requirements and tasks you find more appealing than others. For instance, if you freelance as a writer and just spent a couple of hours writing an article, you may find your attention wandering during the editing and proofreading process. To rejuvenate your motivation, you might grab a snack and take a brief walk. This brief break gives you a chance to relax a bit and wind down, preparing you mentally for your editing and proofreading tasks. While taking regular breaks can help you re-energize, you want to set a time limit to help you get back to work. Five- to 10-minute breaks give you enough time to refresh without losing track of the tasks you need to complete.

Get and Stay Organized

Whether you keep them on paper or your computer, you may find putting tasks and assignments on a calendar helps you practise effective time management. If you manage your own time, you want to organize your work and set definite schedules for completing tasks. With this in mind, categorizing or color-coding your tasks open proves an effective way to stay organized and motivated. For example, you could write appointments down in red, work you need to complete in blue, and phone calls in green so you have a simple way to visually organize your tasks. As you continue to document tasks in the same way, your brain automatically associates colors on the calendar with their category, showing you how you need to structure your busy day at a glance.

Deadlines and Rewards for Time Management

Being your own boss often means setting your own deadlines, but it’s important to create and use effective deadlines. A tight time frame helps you maintain your motivation and laser focus, making it a good idea to not give yourself too much time. Likewise, you don’t want to set the bar unrealistically high with too tight a schedule. After setting and meeting your deadlines, you can fuel your motivation with small rewards for completing tasks ahead of schedule. For instance, you might take an extra 10-minute break, go out to lunch, or treat yourself in some other way.

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