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Benefits of Time Tracking for Tech Workers

The tech industry is booming as technology continues to grow and become a mandatory part of our existence. In 2019 alone, the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) sector in Canada made over $210 billion in revenue. From manufacturing and wholesaling to software and computer systems and communication services- there are over 43 thousand businesses across the country that support this industry.

But who is supporting the tech support?

IT professionals lend their expertise to companies in-house and as consultants and freelancers, as well as fieldwork support with businesses and homeowners. With so many types of tasks and responsibilities, small companies might find it hard to keep track of all the moving parts accurately. That’s where developer time tracking software comes into play.

If you own and operate a small business working within the tech industry, then consider using time tracking and scheduling software when time tracking your tech workers.

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Mobile Tracking for IT Workers in the Field

Since IT professionals are at the forefront of the tech scene, it is only right that they use modern and comprehensive applications to help them along in their field. When it comes to tech work on the go, a quality time tracking system should provide a mobile app for mobile workers. Such tools need to work seamlessly for both mobile teams and management.

As many tech workers and IT specialists work out in the field, they need a time tracking app that can provide them with the tools to track time and check their job schedules from anywhere, at any time. Mobile functionality allows teams to clock in and out without the need for network coverage thanks to near field communication technology, and it can be used for both Android and iPhone platforms.

The crew functionality feature is great for management, as it allows supervisors managing a tech crew to clock entire teams in and out at once, moving from site-to-site, without fear of mismanaging employee work hours and schedules.

Improved Monitoring with GPS and Geofencing

By time tracking tech workers with quality software, IT managers can take advantage of the available GPS tracking features. Once employees clock in, the mobile app logs their location and time within the software and updates it throughout the day. Once the employee clocks out, the app stops recording their whereabouts.

Thanks to the geofencing feature, you can enable a geofence around the perimeter of your job sites or office. This geofence sends notifications to the employees when they enter or exit the site to help remind them to clock in and out. Such tracking can improve the accuracy of timesheets overall, meaning less time spent on mistakes by managers!

Efficient Job Scheduling On the Go

Employee time tracking allows for a quicker turnaround on jobs to improve efficiency for both workers and clients. The GPS time tracking features work seamlessly with the job scheduling software to provide a comprehensive scheduling tool for managers.

Open the ‘Who’s working’ window within the software for real-time insight on your IT fieldworkers. Keeping track of your team is easy thanks to the map view of those working within the team and where they are located on the job.

If your whole IT team is in the field, you can use a scheduling feature to see who is closest to the next job location and schedule them accordingly. Once done, send that worker a real-time alert notifying them of their next upcoming job. Easily schedule future projects around your employees’ time to improve productivity and the business’ bottom line.

Accurate Task Tracking for IT Developers

Many IT developers have a very precise workflow process they adhere to in order to produce quality work. In many cases, a project is broken down into systematically arranged tasks whereby a task must be completed before the next one can begin. Each one feeds into the next, building off the work as it goes. If there are any hangups on the first task, it can throw off the whole project and result in delayed deadlines and lost productivity and revenue.

Developer time tracking software offers project management tools that can help with this process. Track the project’s progress by task and employee while comparing budgeted hours to actual hours worked with the project tracking feature.

Managers can keep themselves informed of the progress and the whole team up to date thanks to the in-app project activity feed. If a task goes unfinished, it can quickly be reassigned to a team member without delay. Using a time tracking tool that offers task management capabilities can provide double the support to you and your team. Once the project is complete, and all working hours are recorded, your business can bill clients appropriately to improve your business’ revenue.

Adaptable Software for the IT industry in Canada

When it comes to the IT industry in Canada, tech workers should have software available that provides them with the ability to customize features to their needs. Seeing as this modern industry drives the technology of today forward, it is only right that IT professionals have the tools at their disposal to do just that.

When using a time tracking app, like QuickBooks Time, there is the option for internal customization with the API or application programming interface. Every QuickBooks Time account has a unique API key that users can custom develop to create a tracking application of their own.

Open API

QuickBooks Time offers IT professionals the ability to integrate their innovations with its software. Boasting an open API, tech businesses can connect their systems to QuickBooks servers to create and complete new actions and features.

Build upon this comprehensive tool in your own way that works for your staff. Take this small business owner of a computer store:

quote image
“The TSheets* API was so well documented I felt I could create my own solution, rather than wait for someone else. With a basic knowledge of PHP and TSheets open API, I was able to create a link between Zenddesk and TSheets… MPA immediately saw an increase in billable hours logged.” – Chris Ball, MPA Computers

As a small business owner who manages a team of tech workers- whether out in the field or in the office- it’s always advantageous to work with software that can be tailored to your needs.

Seamless Integration

On top of its customizability, QuickBooks Time job scheduling software works great for the IT industry in Canada, as it offers seamless integration to thousands of other applications and software currently on the market.

Sometimes it takes a whole slew of software to help a business run; that’s why this time tracking solution can easily integrate with various other apps to provide tech-savvy professionals with the tools they need to succeed. From accounting to payroll and invoicing- connect it all to gain a comprehensive and complete set of tools, you need to run your business successfully!

Don’t just take our word for how time tracking helps the tech industry. Here’s how QuickBooks Time is benefiting this local Toronto tech company right now.

Start Today

If your small business works within the IT industry in Canada, then time tracking and job scheduling software can help you manage your time, efforts, and employees. For an industry that’s all about looking to the future, QuickBooks Time offers modern software for the modern career.

With affordable pricing plans, QuickBooks Time is accessible software that thousands of businesses use across Canada to help them with their scheduling, payroll, and employee tracking needs. Start your free trial today, and get the technology you need to succeed.

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