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How can I add GST number to invoice form

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How can I add GST number to invoice form

Hey user27845,


QuickBooks Online uses some advanced sales tax tracking in the background of each transaction to deliver reports you can rely on. The best way to maximize the time savings offered by the sales tax centre is to record all your transactions accurately as you go. The registration number is vital in producing invoices that are compliant with your local tax laws. I'll be happy to help you set this up.


It only takes a few simple steps to update this number:

  1. Got to Taxes and select Sales Tax.
  2. Click on Manage sales tax.
  3. Select the dropdown next to Add rate then choose Edit agency settings.
  4. Update the registration number then click Save.

With these steps I'm confident you'll have no problem updating this information. 


Feel free to reach out anytime you have questions.

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