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Want to use QBO US version in Canada



I have a company without Canadian taxes, no payroll. Want to use the US version of QBO due to the access to the 3rd party app that works only with US QBO. Is this possible? 


Thank you!

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QuickBooks Team

Want to use QBO US version in Canada

Yes, you can, elena6. I'm pleased to provide details on how to use the QuickBooks Online (QBO) US version in Canada.


The country version of your QBO account is determined by your region’s website in which the subscription was created. Currently, we're unable to change it.


If you wish to use the US version, you may need to cancel your current subscription and create a new account by choosing the country first. To do that, go to this link: Choose your country. From there, sign up for a new one. To do that:


  1. Choose a plan. 
  2. Since you're not using payroll, click Continue without payroll.
  3. If you want to use the same login credentials, click Sign in and select Yes, that's correct.
  4. Fill out your billing information and click Subscribe.


Furthermore, you'll want to set up and utilize the Multicurrency feature to record foreign transactions using the same account. 


Keep in touch whenever you have further questions concerning QBO subscriptions. I'm always around to address your concerns. Wishing you continued success, Elena!

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Want to use QBO US version in Canada

Hi Jae Ann C , 
Thank you for your answer. 
The reason I want to use US QBO is that I want to use a  certain 3rd party software that works only with US QBO (EZ-dd, from Coastal Software).
I am not going to use multi currency -we deal only with CAD. Will US QBO will be able to connect to a Canadian bank and upload the transactions?
Thank you.
Fiat Lux - ASIA
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Want to use QBO US version in Canada


You should signup for a trial account to make sure. If the bank doesn't support yet QBO, use MT Online or one of the converter tools (e.g csv2qbo @ $60 one time license) as a workaround.


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