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I just want to know if it is better to download transactions from the bank, categorize and match/add them before we start the reconciliation.

The 2nd question: When we add a payment through bank feed, where is it recorded in the QuickBooks? In the bank register, in bills or somewhere else. Where can we see it in quickbooks?

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Fiat Lux - ASIA
Level 15


Are you using QBD US version or CA version?

Alex M
QuickBooks Team


Hi there muniruddin,


It's vital that all your transactions be entered for your books to be well balanced. QuickBooks Desktop is a great tool able to help you keep track of transactions for sales and expenses so you can view the profit of your business. I can point you in the right direction for assistance with bank imports.


The reconciling of transactions is best to be done last, as it's a good check to make sure all transactions are correctly entered, and can also help you locate if there are any duplicate transactions. In this case, if you're going to match transactions with the bank imports, it would be best to do this before reconciling.


if you enter a bill payment using the bank feeds, you should be able to see it after the fact by going into the Vendors menu, then Vendor Centre. Go to the Bill Payments section to see all Bill payments. If it's a payment made by a customer for an invoice you've sent them, go to the Customers men, then Customer Centre. Click on Received payments to see the payments made for invoices in your books.


If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out here.

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