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How to record manual banking entries?

How do you use QB online without linking to a bank account.
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QuickBooks Team

How to record manual banking entries?

He madmyes,


When it comes to managing your transactions with ease, QuickBooks is the go-to program for small businesses. I'll be happy to share more info so you can manually record your transactions in QuickBooks without linking a bank account. 


I encourage you to check out step 4 in the following helpful article that shows you how to: Manually upload transactions into QuickBooks Online. The article provides the necessary steps required in order for you to achieve the goal you've reached out about. 


You're more than welcome to ask questions as you go through the article, I'm here to assist. Otherwise, I wish you a great rest of the week. 

Level 5

How to record manual banking entries?

Manual banking entries can be made as an expense if the entry is to capture the transaction already done via auto-debit (for example - a fee the bank charges you for an incoming wire payment).  


+New - Expense - Choose your Supplier (in this case the "Payee" is the bank)

Enter your transaction details and Save


Hope this helps.

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