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Limit QuickBooks access to my bank account



I live in Canada and recently subscribed to QuickBooks EasyStart for my business.


When I created my QuickBooks account I gave it access to my online banking business account with RBC.

Unfortunately, now I am getting regular alerts to my RBC Mobile App saying "It looks like you are trying to log on from a different device. Please confirm this is you". And I have no idea if this is an alert related to QuickBooks or to a fraudster.


Here is my question:


Is there any way to change the way QuickBooks accesses my online banking from an automatic access whenever it wants, to only being able to access my bank account when I am actually logged into QuickBooks and manually authorize the access?


Thanks very much!



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Fiat Lux - ASIA
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Limit QuickBooks access to my bank account

I would recommend to disconnect your bank feed and use the importer tool to import your bank transactions manually.

Henock K
QuickBooks Team

Limit QuickBooks access to my bank account

Hi there, 


Welcome to the Community. It's essential to access your banking transactions to keep your books up to date. QuickBooks Online is a great program that gives you the ability to easily track your sales and expenses. I'd be glad to help.

When you connect your bank to QuickBooks, the program automatically accesses your bank transactions to keep your account up to date. You can disconnect your bank account from QuickBooks and manually upload your bank transactions using an ofx, qfx, qbo, or csv Excel file.


If you'd like to include the option to update your bank transactions only when you're actually logged into QuickBooks and manually authorize access, I recommend that you send us Feedback by clicking on the Gear icon at the top. This is sent to our Development Team to consider for future updates.

Let me know if you have questions, I'll be happy to help.

arpix person
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Limit QuickBooks access to my bank account

in 2024 with 2 factor auth and the worry about having bank accounts getting access, QB needs to let users say NO to its logging in when we DONT want it to.

Users should be able to CHOOSE WHEN QBO accesses our accounts. 

and that would NOT be in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT....because my bank pings me and wants to know if its legit.

Please let users have a little checkbook that says "auto log in whenever we want" or "let user do it on their own".


When i reconcile, i already click the UPDATE button that lets me hit my bank accounts and bring in anything that wasn't already there. i mean the ability to do it is already there!!!!!  


thx, ron 

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