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Employee Expense Claim Module Needed

Dear QuickBooks, 


I have just switch my company over from Xero to QB. While QB has more powerful reporting for the needs of an accountant (the main reason I switched), I did find one thing lacking so far, that being an Expense Claim module that allows staff to input their expenses into the system directly.


Please take a look at Xero's solution for this area. It would be great to see QB implement something like this as well. This would greatly help streamline yet another redundant and time consuming data entry exercise.


I was rather surprised QB doesn't have something like this available already.


Thank you for your time and consideration.


P.S. During my chat with a QB agent to find out whether an Expense Claim module exists, I was asked to provide feedback so that improvements can be made to the system. The feedback process ended up being more difficult than it should be. When I clicked on "Suggest a QuickBooks Online Feature", I was then prompted by this message:


"QuickBooks Online Feature Requests

We’ve closed the suggestion board. If you’re looking to share your ideas head over to our community, we'd love to hear from you. Access our community by going to"


Normally I would've given up trying to provide feedback at this stage, but I strongly believe this is something QB needs as one of the leaders in accounting software. QB also needs to make it easier for the community to provide feedback and suggestions. 


Thank you

QuickBooks Team

Re: Employee Expense Claim Module Needed

Hello Julie,


Welcome to the QuickBooks family. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts on employee expenses in the community page. QuickBooks Online is built with small business in mind and includes many awesome features that save you time and effort. The software is being updated with new options on a regular basis. I'll make sure to forward your suggestion to my development team for consideration.


Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions or concerns. I'm here to help.

Established Community Backer ***

Re: Employee Expense Claim Module Needed

Set up your Employees with an appended name as a Vendor, and treat them like any other vendor.  If the Employee Name is John Brown, make a vendor name of John.Brown or something like that.  For each expense they are claiming, enter it as a Vendor Bill, expensing to the correct accounts in your G/L.  When you pay out the expenses up to a certain point, use Bill Payment to that vendor, who is actually your employee.