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How can i add my Company Logo on Pay stubs ?

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How can i add my Company Logo on Pay stubs ?

Hey muhammad1,


QuickBooks Online is all about customization, and simplifying your bookkeeping. Our payroll systems are designed with a focus on delivering powerful features to save you time. Pay cheque printing preferences are built to support common options, so the best way to ensure your pay stubs are a positive representation of your company is to order compatible voucher cheques. These can even be personalized with your logo. Don't hesitate to submit feedback about this directly to our engineers. Your comments serve as the foundation for our development efforts, so we can continue building an awesome QuickBooks experience.


Hope this helps!

Level 1

How can i add my Company Logo on Pay stubs ?

hi did you get logo on payslips ? let me know if yes

QuickBooks Team

How can i add my Company Logo on Pay stubs ?

Hi rana3074,


I know that adding your logo to all of your forms, including Payroll transactions, is a great way to solidify your business identity to customers, suppliers, and employees alike. I'd be happy to clarify this for you.


With the built-in features in QuickBooks Online, you have some options to choose the way that the pay cheques and pay stubs print to make sure that they align with the cheques you've chosen outside of the program. QuickBooks Online Payroll doesn't create a cheque or stub from scratch, but rather organizes the information to print on your existing cheque and stub documents.


Given that, adding a logo would be handled by your cheque and stub provider. For instance, if you go with our supplier, D+H business, you can see the customization options available. Check out their page here: D+H Business for Intuit QuickBooks


Let me know if that helps clear up how this works. I want to make sure you're able to get back on track with this.

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