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How can I delete a paycheck?

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QuickBooks Team

How can I delete a paycheck?

Hi there billing-oeis-ca,


Welcome to Community!  QuickBooks Online Payroll is a dynamic way to pay your staff with confidence.  you can remove a paycheque in a few steps.  I would be glad to help!


Please be advised that once a paycheque has been deleted, this cannot be undone and QuickBooks will automatically recalculate your payroll tax liabilities.  You can delete the most recent paycheque by following these steps;


1. From the left menu, open Payroll and select Employees 

2. Click on Paycheque list, located under the Run payroll button

3. Locate the cheque and click Delete

4. Confirm the action by selecting Yes or No

Note; To delete an older paycheque, you will need to delete  the paycheques working backwards from the most recent cheque until you get to the cheque you need to remove.


Feel free to reach back out if you have any other questions.  We would be happy to assist!


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