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Inappropriate account type

I moved over to QB Payroll at the beginning of Oct. and the first two payrolls went through after running manually.  I tried to run the third payroll manually, but there are a number of issues:


  1. The CPP number was way more than the previous pay.  I double checked the YTD CPP amounts I entered when I configured QB Payroll and plugged the numbers into the CRA payroll tax calculator.  The CRA calculator and the first to pay stubs matched to the penny.
  2. The income tax was less than the previous pay.  It appears that QB Payroll is not deducting the extra amount the employee asked to be deducted from their pay cheque.
  3. I got the error below.  I have not changed the Chart of Accounts or the Payroll Settings since I originally set it up.  I googled the topic and found a number of similar issues on the QB Community forums from 2021.  I tried changing the account types for both the child and parent, clearing my browser cache, clearing the Inuit cookies from my browser, but nothing seemed to work.  


"Either the Payroll benefits account, or its parent account, is an inappropriate account type.  Please check the account types in your company's Chart of Accounts"


Is anyone else experiencing this issue?  Given this is a SaaS solution, updates can be applied at any time.  Have there been any updates that can explain this behaviour?

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