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Need help for recording Payroll

Good morning,

- I work for small start-up company as a junior book keeper, and I don't have any accounting experience

- I'm facing some problem with recording the payroll into the company's book

- I have all the number and the account, but I'm confused and don't know what account to record which number

If anyone know how please give me an advice. My company is from Quebec, Canada.. The picture is attached below.

Thank you so much for your time and your help

Hieu Nguyen

Best Regards 

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Need help for recording Payroll

Thanks for reaching out to the QuickBooks Community, @Categen.


It's our pleasure to help you out here in this forum. It looks like you have created a duplicate post of this concern, and one of my colleagues added a response to it. To see the reply, click this link:


For a streamlined conversation, I highly recommend using the link above for future replies.


Thanks for using our support forum, and I wish you a good day ahead. All the best!

Level 1

Need help for recording Payroll

I don't think the link you provided goes to the page you were thinking of

QuickBooks Team

Need help for recording Payroll



Thanks for reaching out here.  QuickBooks Online Payroll is a great program for paying your staff with confidence.  It's essential that it's set up accurately and mapped to the correct accounts.  I'll be happy to provide you with more information so you're on the right track with your work.


Setting up your payroll and accounting preferences is essential to ensure your chart of accounts is aligned.  For your reference, please refer to this article to assist you with the payroll set up in QuickBooks Online.  If you're not sure of the accounts to be applied, I recommend reaching out to your accountant.  If you don't have one, we can help you locate a ProAdvisor in your local area.


Please feel free to reach back out with other questions you may have.  We'd be glad to help!


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