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Paycheque paid from two accounts

I have a client who consistently will pay one employee from two separate accounts.  Eg. We create a cheque for 3500.  she will pay 3000 from one account and 500 from another account.  The cheque is produced on acct 1. So if this happens at the end of the month, then 500 of it is outstanding in acct 1.  Easy.  Then I get the bank statement and see she paid the remainder out of the second account.  I am sure this is easy, but I am stumped.

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QuickBooks Team

Paycheque paid from two accounts

Hi LappAcc,


It's a pleasure to see you in Community.  Welcome!  QuickBooks Payroll is a versatile program for paying your staff seamlessly.  I'll be happy to assist you so you're on the right path with your work!


Based on the information you've provided, the money movement from two accounts that make up the employee pay cheque will need to be moved accordingly to keep the accounts aligned.  I recommend reaching out to your accountant for the best course of action, for recording the transactions and ensure the books are balance without affecting other aspects of your books.  If you don't have an accountant, we can help you locate a ProAdvisor in your local area.


For any other questions, please don't hesitate to reach back out.  We'd be glad to help!

Level 8

Paycheque paid from two accounts

Hello @LappAcc ,


My suggestion would be for you to create a "bank account" called Wages Payable or something similar, and pay the affected employee in your records to the Wages Payable bank account.  (Which will create a CR to that Wages Payable account).  When you go to reconcile the bank, create an entry to CR the net amount she paid from each of those accounts, and DR Wages Payable for the total.  This is easiest done through an adusting JE.


If you need further help, just holler.  All the best!

Level 3

Paycheque paid from two accounts

I was going to suggest the same thing

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