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Starting over

Hi there. So i am fairly new to quickbooks online. Just became a Salon owner January 1st. The first couple months using quickbooks, i made mistakes. Im thinking of closing this account and starting over. I do have a couple employees though and just wondering what happens with my payroll info, like payroll tax and the tax payment i already submitted. Will i be able to transfer any of that information?

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QuickBooks Team

Starting over

Hi HairDesign,


Welcome to Community!  Starting over with your QuickBooks Online account can be done seamlessly in a time friendly fashion.  I'll be happy to provide more information so you can get back to what you love!


One of the many great features in QuickBooks Online is the ability to export and import your data.  This is a great time saver in situations like this.  However, payroll is not something that can be transferred and will need to be manually entered.  It's important to cancel your current account after you've exported the data to prevent future billing.  We understand that things can happen and we need to go back to our old account for additional information whether it's inventory or taxes and for this reason you'll continue to have access to your account for one full year from the date of cancellation.  


Here are the detailed guides for your reference;


Export your data from QuickBooks Online

Common questions about Importing data

QuickBooks Online Payroll 


Please don't hesitate to reach back out if you have other questions.  We'd love to help!



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Starting over


Your account > 60 days old and you should open a new blank QBO account instead.


Then utilize the trial version of a backup restore app if required.


You may also explore this app for your operation.


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