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Time sheets


I am currently using the Desktop Pro 2022 version and have been looking for options to move to an online time tracking program.  After discussions, I am not sure that QB Time app has the features I am looking for.   I would like to have some feedback from users as to whether the Time app and the syncing between the app and the desktop version is working for Canada/Alberta users?  My needs are simple, I need employees to be able to add their time in the app and apply it to a job number.  Ideally, I can then upload their time sheets in QB and use payroll as normal.  Currently I get paper copies of their time and manually enter it into QB Weekly Timesheet and process payroll.  Would love to hear some thoughts, ideas, concerns!  Thanks


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Fiat Lux - ASIA
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Time sheets

What kind of business do you run? A construction company?


Time sheets

Thanks for posting here in the QuickBooks support page, @DLux.


I want to make sure you're able to find a time tracker that suits your business needs that also works with QuickBooks Desktop. For this, you can look for third-party time tracker apps. We have an app website that you can visit to review if there's a match for your requirements.


 Here's how to use the site:


  1. Click this link to our site: QuickBooks Desktop Apps
  2. Tap the app finder field.
  3. Enter the keyword "time" or the name of the app you want to connect with QuickBooks.


We also have another forum called Intuit Developers, where you can find engineers who can recommend third-party time tracking applications for you to use. In this website, you can connect with people who can help with app integrations, take part in software developments and innovate business tools for QuickBooks. Here's the link to the website: Intuit Developers Community.


Please post here again for updates or if you need further assistance with finding the time tracking app you want. I'll be right here to help you out any time. Have a nice day.

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