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How to pay suppliers by EFT?

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QuickBooks Team

How to pay suppliers by EFT?

Hi there,


Thanks for posting in the Community. At this time, there isn't an option to pay suppliers using QuickBooks. 


I know how important this feature would be to you and I encourage you to send feedback about this to our engineers. You can do this by clicking the gear icon and looking for Feedback. New product ideas and improvements are largely based on the feedback we get from users like you. 


Feel free to ask questions. I'm here to help. 


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How to pay suppliers by EFT?

Can we set up QB Desktop to pay suppliers (default to paying by EFT?)

QuickBooks Team

How to pay suppliers by EFT?

Hello KeithLII,


Great question! I know simplifying your bookkeeping processes as much as possible can be a huge time-saver. I'll go over the options for paying suppliers through QuickBooks Desktop.


QuickBooks Desktop allows you to record vendor transactions and payments, but there isn't currently a way to pay the vendor directly through the program. Since it's not a built-in feature, I recommend checking in on what QuickBooks Desktop apps are available here: Apps for QuickBooks Desktop.


Using apps, you can enhance the program's capabilities and do more with your books. As you're searching, please keep in mind that this website lists apps that are available for both the Canadian and US versions of QuickBooks Desktop, so it may be a good idea to double-check with the app developer if you're uncertain about whether it connects with your version.


Otherwise, feel free to leave us feedback by going to the QuickBooks Desktop Help menu and choosing Send Feedback Online. It's a great option for sharing with us the things you'd like to do in the program.


I hope that helps! Take care.

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How to pay suppliers by EFT?

I'm using QB desktop, Is there way to pay suppliers by EFT directly through the program?

Thank you.

QuickBooks Team

How to pay suppliers by EFT?

Hello TOR225,


Welcome to this thread and to the QuickBooks Community. Thanks for choosing QuickBooks Desktop to manage your books, and I hope that it's enhancing your bookkeeping and overall workflow. I can appreciate how what you're looking for here with paying suppliers by EFT would take that a step further, and I can go over this with you.


You may have already noticed my response from last year on this thread in regards to this, and at this time, the answer is still the same. While QuickBooks Desktop has a number of ways to record the data entry portion of vendor transactions, there isn't a way to pay vendors directly through QuickBooks Desktop using EFT or otherwise. As I recommend then, you can use the Apps for QuickBooks Desktop page to search apps that sync with QuickBooks Desktop that may help with this task.


Otherwise, please feel free to submit feedback to our product development team by going QuickBooks Desktop's Help menu and choosing Send Feedback Online. The more voices express that they'd like a feature, the better the chance the team will consider adding it, so don't hesitate to share your thoughts.


Wishing you the best!

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How to pay suppliers by EFT?

Hi !

You can't do it directly with QBO or QBDT, you need a third-party app to do that. 

I have installed and used Treasury Software ( with great success for canadian clients.  You can sign up using the discount code: FRM33 to get a 10% discount on the monthly subscription.  If you need help in setting it up you can reach me through my website:

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