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mass change to billpay date to due date

I recorded all the bills at the end of the year after we had already paid all of them. I recorded them all as paid, but for some reason the paid date defaulted to 6/23/22. Now when I am trying to reconcile, it is not matching. Is there any way to undo the paid date to automatically reflect that each bill was paid on the due date? 

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QuickBooks Team

mass change to billpay date to due date

Hi MID786,


Welcome to Community!  It's important that you're able to reconcile your accounts in QuickBooks Desktop in a timely fashion.  I'd be glad to provide some insight here!


There currently isn't a way to edit the pay date to reflect the the due date automatically.  In this situation, you'll need to manually make the necessary changes within the transactions.  I can see how time consuming this can become, and I feel this would be a good recommendation for our Development Team.  Submitting a suggestion for future updates is greatly appreciated, in assisting with improving your overall customer experience with QuickBooks.


If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out again.  We'd be happy to help!

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