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Pay Bills via EFT

I pay most of my bills via Direct Bill payment or EFT.  I print maybe 2 or 3 cheques a year.  Is there any way to change the QBO default for payment from Print Later to "EFT"?  It is rather annoying that in QBDT if I changed the payment type, it remembered what I used for the next payment.  QBO however, seems to insist that I will print a cheque, whether I want to or not.


Any thoughts?

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Pay Bills via EFT

Thanks for reaching out to us about this billing concern, @CDB-too.


The system uses a default template for cheques so it's non-customizable for now. This means that we cannot update the To Print label to EFT.


I want you to know that the changes in the program is released based on certain several factors. We're unable to provide the turnaround time on when new features are released in QuickBooks, since this is handled by the Developers Team.


Please know that you can share your suggestion within the program through sending a product feedback. Follow the steps below in a web browser:


  1. Click the Gear icon and choose Feedback.
  2. Enter your suggestion for our engineers on the Feedback box.
  3. Once done, press Next to send it.


All our program features and enhancements are launched and created with you in mind. To be updated with the recent and upcoming changes for QuickBooks products, visit these sites:



For now, you can visit our app website to find a cheque printing software that you can integrate in QuickBooks. Go to the following link, select the Canada flag and type in "print cheque": QuickBooks Apps


If you have any questions or need further help with QuickBooks, feel free to visit us anytime. You can also mention my name on your posts and I'll be more than happy to help. Have a nice day!

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Pay Bills via EFT

Thanks for your response, however, if I had known how many of these "We don't do that" responses I would get, I probably would not have advocated for migration away from QBDT.  I will put in a request for an upgrade to allow a default of EFT as opposed to printing a cheque as suggested.


Since, as I mentioned, I print fewer than a dozen cheques a year, I am confused by the rest of your response. You also suggested:


"For now, you can visit our app website to find a cheque printing software that you can integrate in QuickBooks. Go to the following link, select the Canada flag and type in "print cheque": QuickBooks Apps"


I do not understand why I would find an integrated cheque printing software when I DON"T PRINT CHEQUES. Perhaps I have misunderstood your suggestion, and so I would appreciate clarification.



QuickBooks Team

Pay Bills via EFT

Hi CDB-too,


Thanks for getting back to us here for further clarification of the valuable advice provided previously in this thread.  I'd like to suggest an alternate option for paying your bills so they can be recorded in QuickBooks Online as an EFT, rather than a cheque.


QuickBooks Online provides a few ways to complete your daily tasks that best suit your personal preference.  Since you don't often write checks I recommend recording your bill payment as an expense, rather than a cheque.  This will still accurately record the transaction so you can match it with your real-life bank account and reconcile effortlessly.


Here's how to create an expense;

1. Open +New in the left menu and select Expense

2. Use the ▼ dropdown menu to enter the Payee

Note; A sidebar will open if you have other bills for the specified payee.  You can decide if you'd like to add them to the expense and pay multiple bills in one transaction.

3. Enter the Payment account, Payment date and Payment method

4. Complete the remaining required fields

5. When finished hit Save and close

That's it!


Should you require additional assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.  Your success is our number one goal and we'd love to help!


Schedule a Callback or start a Chat: click (?) Help in the upper right in QuickBooks Online > enter "Contact support" > hit Contact Us > provide a brief summary of your situation > hit Let's Talk > choose Get a callback or Start a Chat.
Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Support hours are from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. ET.





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Pay Bills via EFT

Hey @Trish_T ...


Thanks for your response.  The problem that I have with the procedure that you suggested is that I receive a bill in the mail, I track it as a bill that needs to be paid in the future, but when I make my bill payments, I don't use a cheque, I issue either a direct transfer of funds to the payee via online bill payment through my bank, or I issue an electronic transfer of funds via email using Interac e-Transfer which is facilitated by my bank.


The problem with treating everything as an expense is that none of these bills have been paid when I enter them as I need to know what is due when in order to determine what to pay first.  I do that by selecting +New and then Pay Bills.  It is the fact that Pay Bills should actually be labelled "Write Cheques" based on the displayed function of the screen that is the heart of my frustration.  I will be submitting this, and a number of other small fixes that seem to be needed to make QBO work as well for me s QBDT did as suggestions for consideration by your development team.  In the meantime, I will attempt to make contact to speak with someone in support just to get confirmation that what I am looking for is currently not available in QBO. 

Fiat Lux - ASIA
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Pay Bills via EFT


Another option, open a Wise Business account to utilize the simple billing management feature as a workaround and integrate it with your QBO account.


WiseBusiness Bill Payments.jpg

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