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Write cheques in QuickBooks Online

As a business owner, you may need to write cheques to pay bills or expenses. QuickBooks Online can help you write cheques and keep track of your expenses. Here's how to write cheques in QuickBooks Online:


Step 1: Create a new cheque

  1. Select + New, then choose Cheque. Choose the Payee from the dropdown menu.
  2. From the Bank account dropdown menu, select the account the cheque should withdraw money from. Complete any of the other cheque fields you need.
  3. Select the Print or Preview option if you want to open the cheque queue to print now. Or, select the Print later checkbox if you want to print the cheque later.
  4. Select Save and close to close the cheque window, or Save and new if you need to create another cheque.
  5. Note: If you choose a save option, this adds the cheque to your bank register, but only sends it to the print queue if you select Print later.


Step 2: Print the cheque

If you have selected the Print later or the Print or Preview option, your cheque is ready to print from the print queue:

  1. Select + New, then select Print cheques. Load your cheques into the printer. 
  2. Select the chequing account that you created the cheque from from the dropdown menu. In the Starting cheque no. field, enter the cheque number of the first cheque in the printer. Select the checkbox next to each cheque you want to print.
  3. Select Preview and print. If everything looks correct, select Print. If your cheques print correctly, select Done.


Step 3: Troubleshooting issues

If you encounter any issues while writing cheques, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take. Here are some common issues and their solutions:


  • Issue: The cheque won't print correctly.
    Solution: Make sure that your printer is set up correctly and that you're using the correct paper size. Learn how to configure your print settings for printing cheques.
  • Issue: The cheque amount is incorrect.
    Solution: Double-check that you've entered the correct amount and that all deductions and taxes are being calculated accurately.
  • Issue: The cheque won't save.
    Solution: Make sure that you've entered all the necessary information and that there are no errors in the cheque.


By writing cheques in QuickBooks Online, you'll be able to keep track of your expenses and make sure that your bills are paid on time. 


If you encounter any issues while writing cheques, don't hesitate to reach out to our Support team for assistance, ask our Digital Assistant, or check the Support page for immediate answers.


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