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Frequently asked questions about sending invoices from your Gmail account

by Intuit Updated 2 months ago

Learn more about sending invoices from your Gmail address.

To manage your business emails easier, connect Gmail to your QuickBooks company. Here are some helpful tips to make the connection easier.

These FAQs include how to:

Set up invoices to send from your Gmail address

How do I send invoices with my Gmail address?

To get started, learn how to set up QuickBooks to send invoices from your Gmail address.

Can I use an email provider other than Gmail?

Not yet. We hope to add more email providers in the future.

Do I need to sign in to my Google account every time I send invoices?

No. Once you connect your Gmail account, you can automatically send invoices from QuickBooks Online.

Can I add more than one Gmail address to use in QuickBooks Online?

No, you only use one Gmail address per company.

Can I connect my Google account to more than one QuickBooks Online company?

Yes, you can connect the same Gmail account to multiple companies.

What Gmail access do I give when I connect my Google account to QuickBooks Online?

Gmail lets QuickBooks Online access your drafts and emails.

Why can't I see the option to send from a Gmail address in my QuickBooks Online company?

At this time, only some companies have the option to send from Gmail. We hope to have this option for everyone soon.

Will other users in my QuickBooks Online company get access to my Gmail inbox?

No. Your inbox is protected by your password. We won’t display your Google password in QuickBooks Online.

Use your Gmail address in QuickBooks Online

Who can send invoices from my Gmail address?

The admin sets a Gmail address that QuickBooks uses to send invoices. Any user with a permission to send an invoice can use this email address.

Can I send sales receipts, estimates, or other sales forms from my Gmail address?

No. For now, you can only send invoices.

Can I send invoices with attachments from my Gmail address?

No, not at this time. If you want to send an attachment, you need to switch the From address to the default QuickBooks address.

How will I know my invoice was delivered?

The invoice status will display as Sent on the invoices page. If there’s an issue sending an invoice to the primary email, you’ll see an alert in QuickBooks Online. If there’s a problem sending to a Cc or Bcc email address, Gmail will send you a notification email.

How do I disconnect my Google account from QuickBooks Online?

  1. Go to the Sales menu, then select Invoices.
  2. Open an invoice and select Save and send.
  3. From the email address dropdown, select Remove Gmail address.

How do I switch back to the default QuickBooks address to send my invoices?

When you save and send an invoice in QuickBooks Online, change the From address back to the QuickBooks email address.

Manage your QuickBooks invoices in Gmail

Can I send QuickBooks Online invoices from within Gmail?

No. You can only send invoices from within QuickBooks Online.

Where can I see invoices I sent from QuickBooks Online in Gmail?

You can find the invoices you sent from QuickBooks Online in your Sent folder.

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