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Autoentry App

I am using Autoentry with QB desktop 2019.  I work in a province with GST 5% and PST 6%.  Autoentry will pick up the taxes correctly as long as there is just one tax on an invoice, but it will not pick up the tax if both PST and GST are being charged using my "S" code (returns 0% instead of 11%).  AE tells me this is a fix that will need to be made in QB.  How do I fix this so that

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Nick K
QuickBooks Team

Autoentry App

Hi MarKer,


Being able to use third party apps is one of the ways QuickBooks Desktop allows you add your own personal touch to how the program is used. Sales tax can also be tricky but don't worry I can help with that.


When you are using QuickBooks Desktop with a third party app and a sales tax code doesn't register but when you use QuickBooks without the app it's fine the issue wouldn't be with QuickBooks. However if it's just due to not being able to pick up the sales tax code cause they are put together you could create a new tax code by going to: Sales Tax>Manage Sales Tax>Change Tax Set up. From there you can adjust or change amounts in your sales tax codes or make brand new ones.


Before making or editing sales tax codes I'd suggest contacting an accountant to see if this might affect your books. If you don't have an accountant we have you covered. You can go to our find an accountant page to find one in your area.


Hope this was able to help!

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Autoentry App

I believe the issue is that I have to use a sales tax GROUP instead of a Sales tax ITEM.

I created a new Group and it works as expected in QB but pulls to Autoentry as 0%, the same issue as my original group. 

I created a new Item at 11% and it pulled to AE as expected from QB, but this is not an acceptable solution as I now have to go into QB to edit my tax on every sales order so it posts to the correct account and is submitted to the correct tax entity.

I have contacted AE again about this and hope to find a resolution as I really like AE as a add-on.

Are there any Canadian users in BC, SK or AB who are using Autoentry and have resolved this?

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Autoentry App

I am in SK with the exact same issue.  I love the AutoEntry App but for some reason Quickbooks and AutoEntry can't communicate with multiple tax codes.  I would love to know if you found a solution to this problem?

AutoEntry also told me to check with Quickbooks but their customer service is so terrible that I got nowhere with that.  I have tried creating new and different tax codes but nothing has worked.


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