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Fleet unit expense tracking

We are transitioning to QBDT.   Looking for a solution to tracking fleet expenses, per unit for our fleet owned by inter co.  Operating Co. performs all the services and holds the inventory required for the services.  implementing inventory, so want to ensure the values flow to the proper GL accounts.

Does anyone currently do this?  Does anyone do this within the software? 

Does anyone use a third party software that integrates with QBDT? If yes, can you recommend a third party solution software?

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Nick K
QuickBooks Team

Fleet unit expense tracking

Hi Acoles,


Being able to track your expenses is a major part of bookkeeping. I can help point you in the direction on how to make these entries.


QuickBooks makes it easy to enter and track your expenses in your Chart or Accounts. To create an expense in your QuickBooks Desktop account you can follow the steps here. As for how to set up the proper accounts to track the expenses to I suggest reaching out to your accountant as they are trained in how to make these entries. If you don't currently have an accountant, we have your back. You can go to our find an accountant page to find one in your area to help.


If you wish to look for a third party app to help you track or enter these expenses you can go here to find one. I recommend looking at the comments and making sure it's for Canada as the site has apps for both US and Canada.


Hope this helps!

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