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Hello QuickBooks family, 

I am just starting out in my bookkeeping practice and am wondering: if I have online clients in other cities within my province, do I need to get a business license with each of those municipalities or do I just get one business licence for the municipality in which I reside? 

I can't seem to find the answer anywhere! Thanks for your help


Melissa Kadatz 

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Fiat Lux - ASIA
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QuickBooks Team


Hi Meastw1m,


Welcome to Community!  With QuickBooks Online Accountant, you'll have the ability to add clients to your books.  This enables you to access their accounts directly from your firm, so you can complete the daily bookkeeping tasks within their company.  With regards to your clients, they would enter their own Business Number into their account, when they set up their Company in QuickBooks Online.  They'll also have the associated Sales Tax rates set up for their province.  This enables you to do what you love, while watching your firm grow!


Please don't hesitate to ask other questions.  We're here for you and we love to help!

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