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QB Enterprise Inventory and Expiry Date

Hello everyone,

Has anyone tried any third party integration to use to keep track of items with multiple lot numbers which have multiple expiry date?

I have activate the lot number, and added a custome filed for the expiry date. This however is useless when an item have more than one lot number with more than one expiry date.

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QuickBooks Team

QB Enterprise Inventory and Expiry Date

Hi Frankie6,


It's great to hear that you're using QuickBooks Desktop for your needs and branching out through app integration. I can point you in the right direction.

You can integrate QuickBooks with hundreds of other apps. Go to the Intuit App Store to view what's available. 


Have an excellent evening!


Fiat Lux - ASIA
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QB Enterprise Inventory and Expiry Date


Some of our clients are using a 3rd party inventory management app to integrate with their QB Desktop. We learned one app does not have any specific expiry date functionality, they utilize the batch numbers to store expiry dates for food products. When producing or receiving in food products, expiry dates are added to the batch number field for those products. That batch numbers are stored as text, so there is no way in the app to filter by expiry date, for instance for finding out what goods have expired.


Another app is offering the feature with the following screenshot.

Expiration date by HF.jpg


Once they deployed this app, they don't need to use QB Desktop Enterprise any longer and downgraded their file to run on QB Desktop Premier with the outright license. 


Send your business email address in a private message to us and we will introduce your directly to the app developer.

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