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since I upgraded to QuickBooks Advanced my inventory reports no longer work for standard users.

Because we exceeded the user quota for QuickBooks online we were instructed to upgrade to the new QuickBooks Advanced.  Most of the new features are not working but most problematic is that standard users can no longer run inventory reports under products and services.  This is seriously impacting our business - none of the new "roles" work properly and now we must change everyone to an admin to run these reports, which they need for re-order and sales.  Changing everyone to admins gives access to financial information we wish to keep private.  Here is the message received when running the reports - but its been the same for more than two weeks so I doubt they are actually actively working on it.  If anyone knows of a work-a-round for this problem please let me know. 


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QuickBooks Team

since I upgraded to QuickBooks Advanced my inventory reports no longer work for standard users.

Hi lindzee,


It's nice to see you reaching out here.  It's essential that the users on your QuickBooks Online Advanced account can access the required elements to complete their daily goals.  I'll be happy to provide more information, so you can get back to business with peace of mind!


Based on the details you've provided, I recommend reviewing how the users have been set up on the account.  If you've assigned a custom role for Inventory Management, they can't run a report.  Please refer to this article for adding and managing custom roles in QuickBooks Online Advanced.  If this is the case, I suggest changing the user permissions to Standard user.


Should you require additional assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.  It would be our pleasure to work with you independently and ensure you're on the right track with your work!


Schedule a Callback or start a Chat: click (?) Help in the upper right in QuickBooks Online > enter "Contact support" > hit Contact Us > provide a brief summary of your situation > hit Let's Talk > choose Get a callback or Start a Chat.
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Feel free to reach back out with other questions.  We'd be glad to assist!



Level 3

since I upgraded to QuickBooks Advanced my inventory reports no longer work for standard users.

We have been using QuickBooks online for five years - The standard built in role - which cannot be edited - provided access for all standard users to access the inventory reports from the products and services menu - this is now broken in QuickBooks Advanced.  I posted the "error" message stating you are working on and I do not understand why it is so hard to fix.

None of the custom roles you have invented suit the purposes of blocking users from management financial reports and the bank tab - while giving access to creating Po's, Invoices and running inventory reports. 

I also wonder how you expect an inventory manager to manage inventory if they have no access to inventory reports?  This does not make sense.

Currently the "custom" roles are also an all or nothing scenario - creating every variation is not difficult. - however none achieve what is needed.  If you could just restore the standard role to its previous access - that would be great.  I will ignore the non working custom roles until you develop them.

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