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Third Party Purchase Order System

Does anyone use a 3rd party purchase order system that integrates with QuickBooks Desktop Pro?


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Third Party Purchase Order System

I haven't done it in a very long time, but yes, it is doable.  What are your questions/concerns?

QuickBooks Team

Third Party Purchase Order System

Hello LKMLI,


QuickBooks Desktop's integrated features make managing your business finances a breeze. For those moments when there's something it doesn't do that you'd like or need it to, there are third-party apps that can help you connect to other services.


I invite other users in the community to chime in with what they use. You can also check out our apps list to see what's available. I've gotten you started by throwing "purchase order" in the search bar on our Apps for QuickBooks Desktop website and got these results. The one thing to keep in mind when searching our site is some of these apps may only be available for US versions of QuickBooks Desktop. The best way to make sure they'll work with your version of the program is to contact the app's support team. Clicking the name of the app will bring you to their information page, where you can see the Policy and Support options among other details.


Best of luck finding something that works for you and your business!

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Third Party Purchase Order System

Also, @LKMLI , here is the link to the first post in this thread about Transaction Pro Importer, a great third party app that I have used with great success.  I'm not sure if it's an app you're looking for to import transactions from a .xlsx or .csv spreadsheet, or if you're looking for the actual purchase order system itself which will then be importable into QB.


With the app I mentioned, as long as you can export a report to an Excel of CSV format from your external software, you can use Transaction Pro Importer to import into your Purchase Orders inside QB.  It is simply a matter of mapping fields in TPI that will coincide with your items in QB.  Once you get it working for you (after testing in a Sample file to make sure you are getting the results you require), it's a wonderful thing.


Good luck!

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