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Account file password?



I created a QuickBooks accountant copy .QBX.  The accountant needs the password, but I wasn't prompted to create a password when i exported it.  I had them try our existing password for our current file, but that didn't work either.  any ideas how to get this file open?  Thx

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Level 4

Account file password?

Try opening the sample file on your machine and sending the *.qbx file to your accountant. Did they encounter the same issue?


Level 1

Account file password?

account copy still requires password.  seems it has a password still, but not the usual one we log into for our active account.

QuickBooks Team

Account file password?

Hi MJLenin,


When you use the Accountant's Copy File Transfer Service to send a file through the web, you'll need to create a password.  Please follow this link to ensure you've completed the necessary steps.


Should you require additional assistance, I feel you would benefit more by contacting our QuickBooks Desktop Customer Care team outside of Community. They would enjoy the opportunity to work with you personally, so you can complete your QuickBooks goals without delay!


Feel free to touch base with us again, if you have other questions or concerns.  We would be glad to help!

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