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Add an accountant to self-employed account

I can't seem to add my accountant to my quickbooks account. I have tried to read through some other questions and only find help for regular quickbooks. Any help??

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Add an accountant to self-employed account

I am having the same problem.

I asked the "online assistant" but these steps don't appear to work anymore. 


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QuickBooks Team

Add an accountant to self-employed account

Hello cbrtch and jossred,


It's great to hear you both have accountants that you'd like to work with for QuickBooks Self-Employed. This is the perfect solution for making sure what you've been entering into your books is accurate and ready for submission to the government. Well done with the research you've done so far. The Assistant is a wonderful tool for finding how-to information when you're using the product. I can explain what's happened here.


QuickBooks Self-Employed Canada doesn't offer the option to connect with an accountant at this time. The information you've come across in the Assistant has trickled over from our US counterparts, who do have this option, and it's something I've brought to the attention of the product development team. It's important to me that you're seeing the information that applies to your product when you're researching so that we don't have situations like this.


I recommend speaking with your accountant to see if there's another way you can share your books with them so they can help you moving forward. For instance, you can download, email, and export reports and certain transactions, which your accountant may be able to work with to get you going. Here are a couple articles that can help.

If you're keen on having an accountant work with you directly in your books, I recommend taking a look at QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop. There isn't a direct migration path at this time, so switching from Self-Employed to either of these other two would mean starting fresh in your books. I'll leave you with our page that goes over all QuickBooks products so you can check out the options and make sure you have the best one for your business needs: Choose QuickBooks options to suit your business


In QuickBooks Self-Employed, it's possible to leave feedback by going into the Assistant feature and entering "Feedback." Follow the prompts to let us know your thoughts and what you're looking for in the product, such as being able to connect with an accountant. We love knowing what we can do to enhance QuickBooks' options.


I hope that helps. Give me a shout if you have more questions.

Level 1

Add an accountant to self-employed account

Has this been updated to include Canada- the ability to add bookkeeper?

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