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Where did the "Show Existing" attachment button go?

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Nick K
QuickBooks Team


Hi Jenthom08.


Being able to see existing attachments in QuickBooks Online is a great way to save time when attaching the same file to a different invoice or bill. I'd be happy to help you pull up your existing attachments.


In order to pull up your previous attachments that have been used you can go to: Gear>Attachments. If you wish to use any of these attachments again you just need to check mark the ones you wish to use, select Batch actions and then create invoice or create expense. This'll allow you to use your previous attachments on a new invoice or expense.


If you have any questions let us know and we'd be happy to help.

Level 1


This response is unacceptable. A useful feature was removed and the "new" way you described requires more steps and is more time consuming.


Your method requires knowing which attachments I want to use BEFORE creating an invoice.


Unacceptable. Bring back the "show existing" button.

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yes. I totally agree. bring this back!!

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