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Backorder balance on packing slip (Desktop)

How do you get a packing slip to print the backordered items on a Sales Order? I use Desktop Enterprise and when I print a packing slip for backordered items it prints the original ordered quantity and leaves the "Shipped" and "Back Ordered" columns blank. I want the order quantity to show the back ordered balance.


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QuickBooks Team

Backorder balance on packing slip (Desktop)

Hi hcarnduff,


Thanks for reaching out here.  I can see how beneficial it would be to show backordered items on your Sales order.  QuickBooks Desktop enables you to do this seamlessly and I'd be happy to show you how!


Follow these steps to show the quantity of items on backorder when creating your sales orders;


1. Open Customers and then Customer Center

2. Locate the customer and then select “Sales Order” from the New Transactions ▼ dropdown menu

3. Fill out the Sales Order with the required information.  If you need to add or delete fields, open the Formatting tab at top and select “Manage Templates

4. In Manage Templates, select the template you'd like to edit and click the “Additional Customization” button at the bottom. This takes you to a window where you can choose which fields you want to appear on your form.

5. Once you've entered the information on your Sales Order, click the Create Invoice button at the top of the main Sales Order screen

6. Choose “Create invoice for all of the sales order(s)” option, then click OK

7. Enter the Quantity of items you're shipping in the Invoiced column

8. The Backorder column will automatically update

9. You can add a Message for your customer at the bottom to let them know when the backordered items are expected to be shipped as you feel necessary

Note; If the Backorder column is missing, you need to add it to the template, by clicking on Manage Templates.

10. The Backordered items will also show up on the Packing Slip template, as well as the customer message.


Please don't hesitate to contact us if you require additional assistance.  We'd love the opportunity to work with you directly and ensure your forms are accurate and complete without further delay!


Feel free to reach back out if you have any other questions.  We're here for you!


Level 2

Backorder balance on packing slip (Desktop)

My issue is after this action. You now have a sales order with some back orders left over. When  you get the stock in and now want to fill the back order you need a packing slip to give to the warehouse. When you print this packing slip it has the original order quantities not the back order balance left to ship. Same with the pick list. The backorder balance shows on the Sales Order screen but doesn't print on the packing slip to include with the backordered items.

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Backorder balance on packing slip (Desktop)

Good morning,

Did you ever find a solution for this?


Thank you in advance.

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