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Barcodes over LAN

Hello and thanks for your time in advance :)


    Using Enterprise with inventory. Got barcodes enabled, super smooth and easy. On the computer hosting the file everything works great for sales receipts. The number is converted from the barcode to the item like it should. The hiccup is when I take the same scanner and plug it into any of my networked computers in the room it does not change the barcode number to the item and you get the "item does not exist - would you like to create one" error.


    Tried restarting all computers after the enabling barcodes - no change. Again it works great on the host computer so not sure what is the point of failure. I have the host computer file location as a mapped network drive on the other computers.


Thanks again for your time


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QuickBooks Team

Barcodes over LAN

Hello Mathieu,


I'm glad to hear that you're taking advantage of the barcode scanning for QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise and that it's working well on the host computer. I want to make sure you're able to use this same simple process on the other networked computers as well. I'll get you started with this.


I see you also asked this same question in the US Community. If you're using a US edition of the software, I encourage you to contact the QuickBooks Desktop support team using the methods that agent mentioned. If you're using the Canadian edition of Enterprise, I can help get you to where you need to be.


Making sure that each work station is using the same company file is a great place to start since other company files may not have the products and barcodes set up. When you're sure you have that good to go, checking in on the system requirements for the version of Enterprise you're using is ideal to make sure that each station can connect properly through the network. Here's an article about the requirements for the 20.0 edition of the software: System requirements for QuickBooks Desktop 2020 and Enterprise Solutions 20.0. If you happen to be using a different version, simply type "system requirements desktop" and then the year into the Community search bar and hit enter to search for the article.


The next best step is to get in touch with the QuickBooks Desktop support team so that an agent can troubleshoot with your further by gathering more details about your setup. For Canada, the Intuit QuickBooks Desktop software support policies page lets you know how to get in touch with support.


Don't be afraid to reach out!

Level 2

Barcodes over LAN

Hello Laura

          Thanks for the response :) Sorry about the multi post - thought maybe someone in the community over there may have had this happen. I figured it out an hour ago going over things to see if I had missed something. In Preferences menu - Inventory - My Preferences ( not company preferences ) . "Enable my barcode scanner" must be selected for each user. I have not run into that instruction anywhere in the help files and would be very helpful to put a little update to note that for other users.


Thanks for taking the time to reply now off to the next little bump on the road of life :)


QuickBooks Team

Barcodes over LAN

Hi Mathieu,


Thanks for following up. I'm glad to hear you've been proactive and able to find a resolution. I appreciate you sharing the necessary steps with the community family, and I'll make sure to share your feedback with our team for consideration in future updates of the article. 


You're always welcome to stop by any time if you need anything else. Have a great day!

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