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Best Canadian Bank VISA card to use with QBO?


For some reason, my CIBC VISA transactions on transaction date of April 1st (six of them) did not download.  Now, my transactions from June 1st to now are not downloading.  Also, I get the Transaction Dates downloaded instead of the Posted Date ( CIBC VISA uses the Posted Date to calculate balances month to month) so it messes with my reconciliation (I have to manually adjust dates).  CIBC has no option to adjust that in the user interface.  Finally CIBC VISA sessions last only 10 minutes ( a recent change) leading me to have to re-login 12 times in a half day.   

I want to change.

I tried calling RBC VISA twice.  The second time was promising but the guy hung up on me.  Then I tried calling Scotiabank with a wait time of 30 minutes - I gave up..  

Anyone has any suggestion on the best Canadian bank VISA card to go with?  Or are all the Canadian banking cartel members all the same? :(


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QuickBooks Team

Best Canadian Bank VISA card to use with QBO?

Hey there marty_canuck,


Thanks for reaching out to us here. It's important that all your transaction update properly in order for your books to balance correctly. QuickBooks Online is a great tool to use, it allows you to connect your bank accounts and upload transactions so that you don't have to manually upload them yourself. I can provide some information on Connecting Visa's.


QuickBooks Online is compatible with all Visa's. You would be the only one who could decide which bank to chose. I'll leave this post here so that other members can share their expert advice.


If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out here.



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Best Canadian Bank VISA card to use with QBO?

Hello Amanda,

I appreciate the feedback but I am far beyond that basic account management.  It is not a QBO issue nor is it a problem between the keyboard and the chair.  Please allow other community members to answer.

Thank you


Fiat Lux - ASIA
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Best Canadian Bank VISA card to use with QBO?


Explore MT Online as a workaround. It is designed to import into any bank or credit card in QuickBooks Online, so there is no specific setting needed. If the same error persists, there is an ongoing problem at your bank or connection.


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Best Canadian Bank VISA card to use with QBO?

Yes, I can even code that myself to be honest.  I don't want to have to take my PDF, convert, parse it, and have to upload it.  The idea was that it would be fully automated.  But, if I have to code my own, I will do that.  I can't believe that company makes a monthly revenue off simply parsing a file.  I will build it and provide it free on-line.

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