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Nabil Gorguy CPA CMA
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Can I export the RL-1 file in XML format, for Quebec ?

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QuickBooks Team

Can I export the RL-1 file in XML format, for Quebec ?

Hi Nabil Gorguy CPA CMA,


Thanks for reaching out here.  QuickBooks Online Payroll is an exceptional way to pay your staff with confidence.  It's important that you're able to submit your RL-1's seamlessly.  I'll be happy to provide more information so you're on the right track with your work.


To submit your RL-1 you'll review the summary and use the information on the Revenu Québec website.  There currently isn't an option to submit it electronically.  If this is something you'd like to see moving forward, you can submit a suggestion to our Development team by going to the Gear icon > Feedback.  Recommendations are greatly appreciated to improve your overall customer experience with QuickBooks Online.


Please feel free to reach back out with other questions.  We'd be glad to assist!

Level 1

Can I export the RL-1 file in XML format, for Quebec ?

Hello Nabil,

The fact that QBO offers the ability to export an XML file of the T4's is great!  The fact that QBO does not offer it for the Releve 1's is absolutely ridiculous.  I am a long time user of QB Desktop and was able to transmit my RL1 slips to the Quebec government with ease.  I switched to QBO in 2021 and I regret it!  I have spent days trying to speak to the customer service team about how to generate an XML file and I have been hung up on twice, followed the suggestion to convert a pdf copy of the slips to an xml format.  Every time I go to upload at the Quebec site it is rejected.  I have over 51 slips and am required by law to submit them electronically.  I will be incurring a penalty since I have to send hard copies because your product owners can't or won't create an XML file for Releve 1 slips.  It shouldn't  be a suggestion at this time it should have been done when you setup the Quebec payroll.   I can't be the only company in Quebec with this problem.  

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