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can qb desktop work with Zoho crm

has anyone tried to use qb desktop with Zoho crm?


QuickBooks Team

Re: can qb desktop work with Zoho crm

Hi there,


We're happy to have you as a QuickBooks user. I'll be glad to assist you with integrating Zoho and QuickBooks. 


There are apps available on our app store which allow you to integrate Zoho with your QB account. I recommend checking them out using this link here. I also took a look at Zoho's website to see if they offer any integration apps and there's an extension called QuickBooks Desktop Extension for Zoho CRM which you can check out using this link here. Let me know if you have questions. I'll be on standby in case you need anything. 

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Re: can qb desktop work with Zoho crm

thank you for the quick reply - will have my developer look into this.


While i have you, what’s the advantage (if any) to switching from desktop to online – besides the ability to access from anywhere?


We are currently using desktop Premier with Payroll - a full and robust program. 

QuickBooks Team

Re: can qb desktop work with Zoho crm

No worries. I'll list the benefits below: 

  • Capture receipts on your phone - Snap a photo of your receipt and easily attach it to any transaction using the QuickBooks mobile app.
  • Less data entry - QuickBooks online automatically downloads and categorizes bank and credit card transactions.
  • Get answers anytime - Keep tabs on your business from your pocket. Access customer info, late invoices, and more from your smart phone.
  • Share books with your accountant - Your accountant can access your books remotely to answer questions, fix problems, and do anything needed to get you ready for tax time. 
  • Access on a PC and Mac - With QuickBooks Online, you and your team can access the books on either device. Finally, something Mac and PC people can agree on.

I recommend checking out this article for more info:The QuickBooks Online difference. Otherwise, feel free to ask questions. I'm here to help. 

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Re: can qb desktop work with Zoho crm

hi @AMR1302 ,

You may deploy an additional service provided by a UK-based company to access your local QuickBooks file by internet. The solution is integrating your multi-user working the same file by LAN and internet connection concurrently. PM me for details.

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Re: can qb desktop work with Zoho crm

Why I have  to integrate QuickBooks with Zoho CRM?

Your accounting software needs to be a reliable source of truth for billing and payment information, keeping your CRM and accounting software synced will keep your customer data clean and get a birds-eye view of your customer data.
Once you set up QuickBooks in Zoho, the level of control you get back is great. After the initial manual setup, you’ll then have the option to create timesheets, integration reports, and bills with just a few clicks and push them straight to QuickBooks, as well as sync your invoices and expenses back to QuickBooks automatically.
The best part is the payment is automatically recorded against the invoice saving a bookkeeping step. The real magic of uniting your QuickBooks account and CRM platform is that it provides transparency to your entire sales funnel, which boosts your chances of closing more leads and growing your business.
So ask yourself, Are you looking for a CRM that fits QuickBooks, or a CRM that fits your business?
Companies who need a customized, advanced QuickBooks/CRM relationship. We can help you to integrate QB with Zoho CRM.
Check it out here: