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Customer Payment Terms Not Editable in Hierarchal Setup

How do I edit the payment terms for a customer/job that is in a hierarchal setup BELOW the parent customer? I've changed the terms for the parent customer to Net 45, but the jobs below that are NOT automatically updating (they're stuck on Net 30). I've tried mass changing and this field is not even editable for any non-parent customers/jobs.


We're using Desktop Premier 2023 Professional Services.

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QuickBooks Team

Customer Payment Terms Not Editable in Hierarchal Setup

Hi KatieWat,


Welcome to the QuickBooks Community. I'll be happy to provide more info and help steer you along the right path. QuickBooks Desktop offers the versality you need in order to manage your work with peace of mind. 


After changing the payment terms, it's important to note that the changes will take effect on the sales forms you create after making the change. For existing sales forms, I recommend manually updating the terms so they reflect exactly what you'd like for them to reflect. Here's how to edit the payment terms: 


Let me know if this info here helps. Otherwise, feel free to ask other questions in the comments below, I'll be here. 

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Customer Payment Terms Not Editable in Hierarchal Setup

Hi. I have several customers that did not have Terms set up for them initially. Jobs have been created under the Customer. I have updated the Terms for the Customer but cannot find out how to add the Terms into specific Jobs. I understand that previous invoices etc. neet to be changed manually but am looking to find out how to add in the Terms so that I don't have to select this when creating invoices.

Henock K
QuickBooks Team

Customer Payment Terms Not Editable in Hierarchal Setup

Hi LisaC2020,


Thanks for joining this thread. It's essential to correctly record your customer payment terms QuickBooks Desktop account to keep track of your books. I'd be glad to help.

I encourage you to contact our customer support team. They'll be able to point you in the right direction to add the terms into specific jobs. You can review this article to reach out to our QuickBooks Desktop support team.

Let me know if you have questions, I'll be happy to help.

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