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This is the most frustrating system I have ever seen. Used to use qb premier and switched to this dumb program, will not do anything I want it to and the help system does not come up with answers. I have been asking how to delete a duplicate journal entry, it says go to chart of accounts, select desired account, then under action select history, THERE IS NO HISTORY JUST EDIT AND MAKE ACCOUNT INACTIVE. There has to be some way to delete that duplicate entry. I certainly would not recommend using this program to any of my fellow agents or friends it is so hard to use.

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Fiat Lux - ASIA
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You can use a deleter tool as a workaround.

QuickBooks Team


Hi Robsto,


Welcome to Community!  When a duplicate entry has been made in QuickBooks Online, you'll have the option to void or delete it from your books.  I'd be happy to help!


Please keep in mind that voiding or deleting a transaction is permanent and can't be undone.  If an item is removed in error, you'll need to re-create it.  Here's how to delete a duplicate journal entry;


1. From the left menu, open +New and select Journal entry

2. Click on the history icon in the top left (looks like a clock)

3. Hit View more

4. Locate the duplicate journal entry in the list and click on it to expand the view

5. Scroll to the bottom and open More

6. Select Delete

That's it!


Feel free to reach out again with any other questions.  We're always glad to assist!

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