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Disappointed with Online Advanced

Is anyone else disappointed with Online Advanced?

Bill Pay - not available in Canada

Employee Expenses - not available in Canada

While the bill approval process looked promising, it is terribly restrictive and does not meet our needs at all.  My client has 3 people each responsible for approving bills from blocks of suppliers/vendors.  I can only set up one bill approval workflow/rule and if I choose approval by vendor, I can only select a single vendor.

All of the information  my client and I read and the videos we watched about the features were accessed via the Canadian Website - if a feature is not available in Canada, that should be made clear.  

My client has asked me to search out new software.

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QuickBooks Team

Disappointed with Online Advanced

Hi PattiS1,


Thanks for reaching out to us here.  It's important that your voice is heard and we appreciate your thoughts and concerns about QuickBooks Online Advanced.  It's designed to help you spend less time on your daily tasks so you can focus more on the growth of your business.   With it being recently launched, we understand there'll be features that will benefit our customers and suggestions to improve your overall experience.  Please feel free to submit your suggestions to our Development team.  


Please don't hesitate to reach out with any other questions you may have.  We'd be happy to help!

Level 1

Disappointed with Online Advanced

I'm sorry but this is not an answer as much as it is an advertisement for features that don't exist in Canada. 

My concerns and my client's feelings of being misled have been totally ignored.  

The features I noted in my email are valuable, time saving, and sadly, either not available in Canada or not functional.  The product as it is available in Canada does nothing what so ever to reduce time or streamline things.  This is being marketed to medium sized businesses - not small business.

I have reached out to the Development team via Feedback already.  

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