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Excel exports creating empty workbooks

I recently changed from desktop Office products to 365 and now the first time that you run an Quickbooks update two extra workbooks get opened.  You cannot close them and they stay open until the user logs off.  You can re-run the update after that and no more than the original two workbooks.


I have been google researching this for about a month and have found no solutions.  Any help would be appreciated.



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Excel exports creating empty workbooks

Some more googling and I saw a suggestion that QB only works with 32 bit Office 365.  Is this true?



Excel exports creating empty workbooks

I appreciate all the time you spent contacting us, @WK1.


Let me help you successfully update QuickBooks without the program opening extra workbooks. Before doing so, I'll need some information about the concern. Can you please confirm the location of the company file? Is it installed locally or through a server? Also, what version do you have? Any details will help me resolve this problem.


Please note that every QuickBooks Desktop version follows specific system requirements. Each will require you to have a particular Microsoft Office version installed on the computer where Quickbooks is. It can be Office on 32 and 64-bit. However, you can still use Office 365, but it's only supported when installed locally and not the web version.


See the following links to check if the Office version is compatible with your QuickBooks version:



If you're still getting the same update problem affecting workbooks, I highly recommend that you contact our Support Team. This behavior is unusual, and only our live support has the tools to check your company file and software.


Here's how to contact us:


  1. On your QuickBooks company file, click the Help menu.
  2. Tap the QuickBooks Desktop Help option.
  3. Press Contact us on the pop-up box.
  4. Click on the Search for Something else button then type your concern in the Ask us anything box.
  5. Hit Search, then scroll down to get your contact options.


You can also use this link to contact us and see our support availability: Contact QuickBooks Desktop support.


Come here again for the additional details of this update and software compatibility concern. I'll ensure to help you out resolve this complete

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