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How do I allocate multiple employees to single item line?

We have been trying to use the Class function for allocating income and expenses to technicians/employees, but cannot use multiple Classes for 1 line item. So if I send two technicians to a single job, I cannot allocate it to both techs. 

Same with expenses, if I bring in one product, I cannot allocate to multiple technicians.

Does anyone know a different method for allocating? The Class function isn't very accurate as of now.


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How do I allocate multiple employees to single item line?

Hello @rfoxcroft ,


Perhaps it would help to understand exactly what you're trying to accomplish with your Class tracking.  If I understand you correctly, you have set up Classes which mirror your technicians/employees names.


When allocating income and expenses, it is true that you cannot allocate to multiple classes in one line,  but you can create more than one line and split the allocations as necessary.  For time entries, you can also split the time up into separate lines and allocate to classes as necessary.


Again, maybe you could give an example of what you're trying to do so we can make sure we understand correctly.



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How do I allocate multiple employees to single item line?

Thank you for responding Rochelley,


Basically when we invoice a customer we invoice for a complete job that was quoted. But we can send two technicians to complete the work. I cannot split the item line into 2 class allocations, so one technician gets the credit for the entire job. It would be confusing for our customers if I was to invoice it differently.


We rely on the P&L for each technician, rather than each job. 


This is the same for the expense side of things. 1 lot of product comes in (non-inventory) but multiple technicians use it. I would like to be able to allocate the expense to multiple technicians without creating a ton more work for myself.


Does that help explain at all?


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How do I allocate multiple employees to single item line?

Hello @rfoxcroft ,


If I understand you correctly, you are trying to allocate work for the same customer to more than one employee and are currently using Classes to do that.  Am I correct in assuming that you have set up a Class for each of your employees?  And am I correct in understanding that you would like to split the work between the two employees, but you do not want more than one line showing up on your customer invoices?


If all the above is true, then there is something you can do to not show your customer two lines on the invoice, even though you may have entered one line and classified it to one employee and another line classified to another employee.


Go to Gear Icon-->Settings-->Custom Form Styles-->Your Invoice Form-->Edit

Click on the content tab.

Click the edit pencil in the 'Activity' section of the invoice.

Click on 'Show more activity options' at the bottom left.

Check off 'Group activity by Type'.

Check off 'Collapse activity rows'.  (Combines rows that have the same rate and description).


Now you can split your invoice into however many lines you want and allocate each line to a class (employee).  But when you print the invoice, it will only show one line per type of activity, and/or will combine rows that have the same rate and description.  These are settings you can play with until you get what you want.


When you go to create an invoice for a customer/project, all open time time entries and other expenses that were charged to that customer/project will show up.  You can choose to group them, or just select all.  Even if you don't group them, and bring in every time entry line by line, when you print (or email) your invoice, all of those lines will not be seen.  Nor will the classes (employees) who performed the work be seen.  The customer will only see a condensed version of those lines and will group by type, or by same rates and descriptions.


The above assumes that you have entered time for each of your employees, and attached that time to a customer/project, as well as classified the time entry to the Class (employee) name.  However, if you are not using time entries, you can still enter multiple lines on your invoice with the same description and different classes for each line, and those lines will still combine to one line on your finished, customer-facing invoice.


Regarding the expense side of things, you can also split your non-inventory product lines and any other lines and allocate each line to a Class (Employee).  The bill is only for you to see, so it shouldn't matter how many lines it has on it.


Now you can run a P & L report for each employee.  Unfortunately, similar to the Projects module Project Profitability Report, this report will not contain time entries as part of your costs.  There is a separate report in the Project Module that you can run to get the full cost of time expended on a job.  I'm not sure why these costs are not included on any other reports but I know that this feature has been requested by other users.


Go to Reports-->Business Overview-->Profit and Loss by Class.

Display columns by Customers.

Filter by Class.

Choose Class/Employee you want to filter by.

Change name of report to indicate which employee you are reporting on.

Save customized report.


Now you have a P & L by Customer/Project, then by Employee.


If you don't want to break down by Customer/Project and want to see an overall P & L by Employee for a certain date range, keep the columns as Class and don't filter by Class.  Then you'll have an overall P & L per employee.


I'm not sure if this is exactly what you were looking for, but hope that it might help.


Good luck!

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How do I allocate multiple employees to single item line?

That is amazing!

I am going to play around with that. Hopefully get it where I need it to be. 

I can't thank you enough for your help, and the time you put into this!


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