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How to import QFX file into "Quickbooks desktop"?

First I would like to say how disappointed I am with INTUIT. I myself have spent 50 hours trying to figure out how to import into "QUICKBOOKS DESKTOP", NOT "QUICBOOKS ONLINE", CSV, xlsx,  or IIF files, multiply that by tens of thousands of people the amount of wasted productivity around the world. I'm talking about bank account transactions, NOT lists of accounts. INTUIT could have built this in. 


So can anyone help me? My bank is not listed on INTUIT'S list of "WEB CONNECTED" institutions. I can download transactions as .QFX (QUICKEN) or .CSV. Though a 3rd online service I converted the .QFX file to a .OBO file. When I imported the file (File/Utilities/Import/Web Connect file...) QB processed normally but came back with Error: Quickbooks is unable to verify the Financial Institution information for this download. Click here to view fixes for this issue. The "fixes" wrongly presume the institution is "WEB CONNECTED". Who does INTUIT think they are, I should have the option to import the info regardless, are they the data entry police?

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Fiat Lux - ASIA
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How to import QFX file into "Quickbooks desktop"?

Make sure you are using a supported QBD version (i.e 2020-2023) to import *.qbo files.


How to import QFX file into "Quickbooks desktop"?

Thanks for sharing your insights and feedback, @dexterousdon.


The time you spent trying to resolve this concern may have greatly affected your business processes. Being able to import your bank details seamlessly and without hassle is what we want for you. We also appreciate you sharing the steps you did as it will help us ensure this is addressed. 


In the meantime, here is an article that you can review to ensure your bank transactions are imported: Download bank feed transactions in QuickBooks Desktop.


You also need to check if you're using a supported version of QuickBooks as what Fiat Lux - ASIA suggested. However, if you're using one of the versions mentioned but still unable to upload the file, I would recommend reaching out to our live support team.


Our agents can help with mapping and uploading bank files to the program. They also have the option to do a viewing session just in case you need visual guidance with the process. To get in touch with our Technical Support, follow the steps below:


  1. Open QuickBooks and click the Help menu.
  2. Select QuickBooks Desktop Help.
  3. On the pop-up screen select Contact us.
  4. Click the Search for Something else button then type your concern in the Ask us anything box.
  5. Hit Search then scroll down to get your contact options.


Refer to this article to learn more about our contact options and support availability: Contact QuickBooks Desktop support


I want to ensure everything is resolved for you. Post here again with the result as I want to know that this has been taken care of. I'm also here to provide further assistance if you have other QuickBooks concerns.

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