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HST Line 101 showing wrong figures. How to adjust line 101/not reflecting P&L sales figure



When I went to file my HST today, the report had the wrong figures on it. After speaking with support we were able to adjust all the lines except line 101. The support agent said that line 101 does not include any sales figure that doesn't have HST assigned to it. From all my past experiences and from the CRA website line 101 is to include all HST and non HST sales.


How can I figure out why my line 101 in quickbooks online is incorrect?



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HST Line 101 showing wrong figures. How to adjust line 101/not reflecting P&L sales figure

Hi there, @LTL255!


Let's review all your transactions from Line 101 of your HST return so you can figure out why it's incorrect and fix it from there.


To start with, Line 101 of your HST return includes all your transactions with tax codes created in QuickBooks Online.


Thus said, here's how you can review your transactions:

  1. Go to Taxes.
  2. Select Sales Tax.
  3. Under ACTION, select the Prepare return drop-down menu.
  4. Choose View summary.
  5. Click the amount under the Total column of your Line 101.

This way, you can be able to verify and review each transaction. From there, you can add or remove the Out of Scope tax rates for your transactions if needed.


In addition, you can pull up your Profit and Loss Detail report, filter it to show all your transactions with or without an included tax coeds.


As always, you can visit our Help Articles page for QuickBooks Online if in case you need to learn some "How do I" steps.


It'll be always my pleasure to help if you have any other questions. I'll be keeping an eye for your response.

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HST Line 101 showing wrong figures. How to adjust line 101/not reflecting P&L sales figure

Hi JonpriL:


The report is incorrect; it does not include Exempt or Zero-Rated sales; this is not an accounting issue but an error with the report in Quickbooks.

Lord Sloth
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HST Line 101 showing wrong figures. How to adjust line 101/not reflecting P&L sales figure

Since we were switching to a different accounting package, we did a very rigorous check with our 2020 year with QBO. Our conclusion is that you cannot trust QBO for line 101 to accurately report income.  The good news is that all the other line numbers after that work perfectly to calculate your GST submission.


A good example of this is be separated CEBA and CEWS as separate income in the uncategorized income category, as we were going to itemize it separately on our S100 and S125 forms under our T2 Return.


Quickbooks decided it was going to use CEBA in our line 101 income calculations but not CEWS.


TLDR: For line 101 always use your sales and revenue from the Profit and Loss Statement, never from the Quickbooks GST Return that is generated.  All the other lines are accurate.  If Income from GST Returns do not match the income from Income Tax forms, it increases the risk of being audited.


QuickBooks Team

HST Line 101 showing wrong figures. How to adjust line 101/not reflecting P&L sales figure

Hi Lord Sloth,


Thanks for sharing these concerns with us here in the QuickBooks Community. I appreciate your attention to detail when it comes to working with your sales tax information and I know that's a key part of ensuring your books are correct. I'd like to make sure that these concerns are addressed.


When it comes to numbers that don't seem to be calculating correctly, whether for the sales tax module or otherwise, the first thing to consider is how the entries have been made. For things like CEBA and CEWS, QuickBooks Online doesn't have an integrated method specifically for working with this data, so I know users have been finding their own way to make sure this data is in their files. It may be helpful to start with reviewing those transactions to ensure that they're entered in a way that will reflect properly in the sales tax filing. If you're not sure what you've got is correct, I recommend consulting an accountant.


If you're sure that you've entered the information correctly and it's still not calculating correctly in the sales tax module, I suggest contacting the QuickBooks Online support team outside of this forum. This will give us the opportunity to look over this in detail with you, including looking at other areas in your books where you're seeing information displayed correctly. It could be that there's a glitch in the sales tax module that we'll need to address. I'll provide those contact details in just a moment.


I'd first like to make sure that you know how you can take advantage of connecting with an accountant using QuickBooks Online. The My Accountant tab is a great resource, giving you the option to invite your accountant as a user via email or the option to use the Find a pro to help button to review our database of QuickBooks-certified accountants near you that you can consider working with.


As for getting in touch with our team, here's how you can go about that.


Schedule a Callback or start a Chat: click (?)Help in the upper right in QuickBooks Online > type and enter "Contact support" into the QB Assistant > click Contact Us > explain your situation > click Let's Talk > choose Get a callback or Start a Chat.

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Support hours are from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. ET.


I hope this helps!

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