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Income Tracker

In my Income Tracker, there are a lot of payments that have a $0.00 balance but are still showing in that screen.  I thought once they were paid and reconciled, they would disappear from this screen and only any invoice with an open balance would show. 

Can you help me find out why they are still there and how to remove and close them?





QuickBooks Team

Re: Income Tracker

Hi Shannon,


Welcome to the QuickBooks community! I hope you're enjoying your version of QuickBooks Desktop. The Income tracker makes it easy to see what transactions you need to take care of. I'll shed some light on how it works.


The Income Tracker shows you the following items.

  • Unbilled sales (estimates, sales orders, and time and expenses)
  • Unpaid sales (open and overdue invoices, as well as payments and credits)
  • Paid sales (payments and sales receipts)

That means the zero-dollar balances are supposed to be there since they're part of your income. Changing the Date range shown in the income tracker may help with removing transactions from that window that you don't want to see. For instance, if you've reconciled up to last month, you can select a different time period from the Date drop down, such as This Month. You can also filter by transaction StatusType, and the Customer:Job.


For more information about the income tracker, check out the Help feature right in the program. Go to Help in the menu bar, choose QuickBooks Desktop Help (or use the F1 shortcut), then switch the Help tab and use the search field to search for Income Tracker.


Let me know if you have more questions!

Community Explorer **

Re: Income Tracker



How do they go away?  I don't have ones from January or February on there?


And I appreciate that fact that I can change dates but then it removes everything from last month.  even ones that are outstanding so I don't want to really do that

QuickBooks Team

Re: Income Tracker

I hear what you're saying. So let's keep the date so you can see transactions for the months you'd like. Have you tried the Status option instead? If you switch it to open, it'll show both Open and Overdue transactions, but the paid ones will be hidden. Give it a shot and let me know if that works for you.