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Inconsistent QTY column formatting for time

When I enter time using the weekly or daily time tracking, the time is correctly formatted on invoices  and reports as HH:MM. However, when I need to add time directly to an invoice I have to enter a decimal and it looks confusing on an invoice or report.


Is there any way to set the format for the QTY column so it is consistent? 

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QuickBooks Team

Inconsistent QTY column formatting for time

Hi RM6,


Welcome to the Community. QuickBooks is a versatile program that helps you streamline your work using the powerful features offered in the program. Rest assured, I'll be happy to share more info so you're on the right track. 


The customizable function you've described above isn't available in QuickBooks. I can see the benefit of having this function and I encourage you to send feedback about this to our engineers. You can send feedback by clicking on the Gear icon and looking for Feedback.


Let me know if you have other questions by leaving a comment below. I'll be one message away. 

Level 3

Inconsistent QTY column formatting for time

Yes I have provided feedback but one never knows if anyone looks at the feedback or if the request gets on a list of potential work to be done. It would be useful if there was a list of "enhancements" or "change requests" that could be published so that people could up vote or down vote a request and also to see if there is a schedule for when these modifications may be made.

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