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Invoicing customer for multiple jobs on singe invoice

My client is a service based company.  The time that they enter into the QB desktop program is captured in multiple jobs for their customers.  Is it possible to create a single invoice in QB for multiple jobs rather than creating individual invoices for each job? (only want one invoice rather than 5 going to the same client).   Also, they use the  feature to pull time forward from the timesheets.  Is it possible to do that as well?

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Invoicing customer for multiple jobs on singe invoice

Hello @CB-2020 ,


Absolutely, this is possible.  When you turn class tracking on, you have the option of displaying on screen and printing the class column on your invoices.


  1. When in an invoice form, go to the 'Formatting' tab.
  2. Click on 'Customize Data Layout'.
  3. Once in the 'Additional Customization' window, click on the 'Columns' tab.
  4. Note that Class is one of the column options.  You can choose to display it on screen and on the printed form, or you can choose to suppress printing.  You can also set it in the position on the invoice that you want it to appear for your most efficient data entry.
  5. Now each invoice line can then be allocated to a different class, if necessary.

Good luck!

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Invoicing customer for multiple jobs on singe invoice

Hello @CB-2020 ,


I apologize . . . I'm not sure if I posted the first reply to the wrong OP or not . . . I could have sworn I saw that you needed Class Tracking, which is how I answered.  Now I re-read your post and realize that you are talking about Jobs.


Unfortunately, no, you cannot invoice more than one job at a time, since the Job is tied to the Customer's name, and only one Customer name can be billed at a time.


However, if you used the Class tracking to identify your jobs instead, then you can allocate each line of an invoice to a Class (Job).  You can also allocate each line on bills/expenses  to a class as well, thus giving you the ability to pull a P & L by Class report to see each Job's profitability.


As far as pulling time from timesheets, that is also possible because each line of a weekly timesheet can be allocated to different customers and different classes.  If a single employee worked on different jobs throughout the day, you would have to enter a single line for each customer / class (job) and distribute his time appropriately, each line marked as 'Billable'.  See below:

Weekly Timesheet.PNG


As soon as you go to make an invoice for DEF Company, the window to 'Choose Billable Time & Costs' automatically pops up.  You can select some or all of the items to bill to this customer on this invoice.  I'm choosing  'Select All'.  Each line will show up separately on the invoice, with the class (job) number beside it.  You can also choose, using the 'Options' button, whether or not you want to combine same service items and rates.  For this example, I will not combine them.



Billable Time & Costs.PNG


Once you select OK, your invoice will look like something like this:





Note that the Class numbers do not display on the selection of billable times and costs.  But they do show up on the invoice itself.  If there were jobs that came into the invoice that you were not ready to bill for, you can delete the line and it will be available for selection next time you invoice this customer.


I'm not sure if this would work for you . . . you may already be using Class tracking for another purpose within the invoice and bill transactions.  But if you aren't, treating Classes as Jobs works very well for tracking job activity on both the sales side and the expense side.


Good luck!

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